Thursday, April 3, 2008

Andy Wales visits Mansfield University

Andy Wales (sometimes known at the Mighty Andar) presented his thoughts on reading, writing and creativity to maybe 30 art students, education majors and classroom teachers. He described himself as a "man with a mission." He had much scholarly research to backup his belief that by, reading and creating comics, kids can develop their language skills. We all agreed that working with comics was more fun than doing worksheets!
Above Andy demonstrates how we were soon to create our own comic character by using various elements from the "Sunday Comics." We received a crash course in "word balloon" development. One of the classroom teachers ended up with a strange looking fellow who was asking, "Hey girls, don't you think I'm cute?!?"
Andy entertained and enlightened us with another "tool" to use in classrooms to help kids want to put down their joysticks and read!


Andrew Wales said...

Thanks for taking pictures and for the write-up.

Paul Bozzo said...

Hey, thank you. It was a great presentation! Keep creating!

Marek Bennett said...

Looks great! The Mighty Andar, Comics Missionary Extraordinaire, wins more converts for the cause!