Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back in the classroom - part 1

This past week I was the guest artist at Holy Family Intermediate School. I taught wonderful students in fourth, fifth and sixth graders. I was treated like a king by the staff! Below are the beginnings of some pointilistic pictures done by dragging the tip of oil pastels ("grease crayons" is a more descriptive term) a very short distance. The student used at least three colors in all areas.

The fourth graders made books with pages developed from "op art" images.
The sixth graders built images with pieces of posterboard and covered them with wrinkled aluminum foil. The black paint added to the foil was partially removed with steel wool to help the image appear.

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Andrew Wales said...

You still got it!

Thanks for the ideas -- now I don't have to come up with plans for next week!