Thursday, April 24, 2008

A few small works ready for the ARTSfest

Thanks to Andy Wales (Mighty Andar), I've made a few pieces with Captain America in them. Andy carved him from a new material used in elementary art classes to make "linoleum" prints. As all good elementary art teachers, Andy makes many examples, works along with the kids, and gets excited about new materials and projects.
Below you can see two of Andy's carvings and two carvings in linoleum that I did for special projects. You may or may not know that the "timeout" area in my elementary art room had a painting of Daffy Duck in this pose:
The impressions formed in the plaster catch the paint that's rubbed on and the surrounding areas can be "cleaned" with a cotton rag. You can find some of the sunflower impressions in the Queen Anne's Lace painting below:

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