Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Getting ready for the Athens ARTSfest

Below are some examples of new work that will be shown at the Athen's ARTSfest. I've used some new commercial "texture" plates to impress textures. Below a plate from a fossil pack has been used.
My dragonfly stamp has been used a lot.
As well as the doily that makes most of a heart shape.
I have been continuing my search to make new colors and combinations
Below is a table and a half full of new work in various stages of completion.
Below newly framed pieces are balanced on cans while the fresh paint on the frames dries.


Andrew Wales said...

Cool textures!

The newspaper background is interesting in the fourth one down.

anna said...

Hey Paul! Thanks for showing us your studio yesterday. Very cool!

Paul Bozzo said...

It was a pleasure to have you two over! And I agree with your friend, you have a cool Dad. I really enjoyed his presentation.

Louise said...

Andrew's Sister, Louise and her husband Mike thinks the artwork is AMAZING!!!!!

Paul Bozzo said...

Hi Louise (& Mike) - Thanks for your kind comment!