Friday, April 4, 2008

A visit to Athens High School

I was invited to talk about my art and to promote the ARTSfest that is fast approaching. I talked to three different groups and only remembered to photograph the first. I demonstrated and talked and shared a few laughs with the students. All the groups were great audiences and I forgot to mention that so I will now.Below, Dave Webster is grabbing his giant jug from a drying shelf. Note the two profiles!
Dave is responsible for the existence of the ARTSfest. He began the show nine years ago. The first year there were less than five artists and 200 visitors. Last year there were well over 100 artists and craftspersons and, would you believe, 30,000 visitors! Dave teaches ceramics all day long. Here is his formal pose:The second art teacher in the high school, Ellie Gilbert, teaches the 2D stuff. She is planning to give her students the opportunity to create work using the same materials that I use. I'm sorry that I didn't get a photo of Ellie to post. Can anyone help me out?

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